JOB PROFILE Outsource Sales Support Services

Find experienced sales administrators to support your Business Development (BDM) team and focus on growing your business.

By outsourcing your sales support team, you allow your BDM’s to focus on what they do best – selling. Find out how offshoring your admin-based, transactional tasks will supercharge your business growth.

What do sales support specialists do?

They provide administrative support to all areas of a business. 

From preparing reports and presentations, organizing correspondence & meeting preparation, or managing databases and CRM, these administrators handle the transactional, repetitive tasks BDM’s and other key sales figures don’t have time to do. 

This is why outsourcing to the Philippines is the perfect, cost-effective solution for your administrative sales tasks.

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Sales support skills and experience

These outsourced support specialists need to be adaptable and versatile in their working environment. Attention to detail, customer care and the ability to work well under pressure are just a few key skills that make up these successful administrative teams. 

These essential traits are not lost when outsourcing to the Philippines; instead, they are considered carefully by your outsourcing company and their talent acquisition teams. 

Quality is not jeopardized when outsourcing to the Philippines. Filipino’s possess an excellent work ethic and service-oriented mindset that makes them perfect sales support specialists. 

In addition to this, English is one of the main languages spoken across the Philippines, adding to the need for quality customer service in these roles. 

By communicating with your outsourcing provider effectively, you can establish how you want your sales support team to work, what goals you want to be achieved, and what tasks are a priority for your business; all while saving on costs for training and infrastructure due to the lower cost economy of the Philippines.

In terms of expertise, it is dependent on organization requirements, but for a general idea, this position can be broken down as:


  • Less than a year of experience in a similar role
  • Highly administrative and entry level tasks; answering calls, providing and collating data for management, and assists more experienced sales administrators with transactional tasks.


  • 1 – 3 years experience in sales or a similar role
  • Deal with escalated sales enquiries, set team KPIs, monitor sales processes


  • More than three years of customer experience in a sales, or administrative role
  • Train new employees and manage sales teams.

Sales support tools

The success of any specialist support team stems from an organization’s CRM. These databases store essential information that sales administrators extract and use throughout their day.

CRM’s and outsourcing customer services go hand in hand. MicroSourcing’s sales support team commonly uses CRMs such as Hubspot and Salesforce. This means your offshore team will have no trouble accessing the information they need to address customer complaints, handle client queries, or prepare product or service reports. 

Save up to 70% on labor and occupancy costs

 We can employ and accommodate fully qualified, very experienced recruitment officers for your team for up to 70% less than you’d pay in your local employment market. An outsourced recruitment team and HR, outsourcing  just makes good business sense.

Tips for employing sales support personnel

  • It usually takes up to 4 weeks to hire a sales support team member in the Philippines.
  • They are as important as your sales consulting team. Top-performing organizations have been found to have double the amount of sales support personnel compared to their sales team. 
  • Sales support is a transferable role with skills applicable to any industry as their tasks are heavily administrative and repetitive. However, if you seek more intermediate or advanced sales support representatives, it may take longer to recruit. Often it is better to recruit candidates who have worked in similar industries and understand industry specific tools, software and strategies for more senior roles. 
  • Keep in mind that with more experience comes higher expected salaries from your sales support team. Some organizations tend to see sales support as a cost-savings opportunity for businesses in terms of remuneration. However, by not investing in your support staff, your BD team can suffer. 
  • A general administration background or even hospitality and retail sales can benefit your chosen sales support specialists. Although they are not as client-facing as your direct sales team might be, they can add more value by having a general understanding of how sales work.
  • Ensure that your chosen sales support employee or team has data entry and good typing skills. Most sales support roles involve the use of Microsoft Office, so your team must be efficient in these administrative tasks to ensure efficiency and productivity levels are maintained. 
  • To maintain staff satisfaction, make sure to communicate KPIs and expectations to your sales support team effectively. Although they do not need to meet revenue generating targets, to maintain company performance standards and provide motivation to your sales support team, clear administrative goals should be set.

Sample recruitment profiles

  • Great customer care and service
  • Accuracy and attention to detail
  • New sales lead processing
  • Telephone etiquette
  • Providing and collating data for management
  • Dealing with escalated sales enquiries
  • Sales Support Officer
  • Office Administrator
  • Business Development Administrator
  • Conflict resolution
  • CRM software
  • Problem-solving & decision-making
  • Set team KPIs
  • Monitor sales processes
  • Train new employees and manage sales teams
  • Senior Sales Administrator
  • Sales Support Team Leader
  • Sales Support Coordinator