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What Is an Ecommerce Program Manager?

If you’re receiving a lot of customer orders and having a hard time keeping up with this growth, you might need to hire an ecommerce program manager.

We’ll help you understand everything about the ecommerce program manager position and what to look for in an ideal candidate.

What Does an Ecommerce Program Manager Do?

An ecommerce program manager (sometimes called an ecommerce project manager) works as a project manager, providing support and facilitating ecommerce activities. They ensure processes run smoothly, resolve issues among the team, and track all the moving pieces in your ecommerce taskforce. An ecommerce program manager reports to the director of ecommerce.

Why Do You Need an Ecommerce Program Manager?

It may be hard to imagine the downside of having wildly successful sales, but companies often face challenges when rapid growth happens. For example, you may have difficulty managing customers’, suppliers’, and wholesalers’ emails. Your ecommerce team, which has grown a ton in the last few months, isn’t quite sure who’s doing what. With slow product updates, wrong or missing product information, and reduced team performance, things are getting missed.

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They Keep Things Running Smoothly

All of these problems can be well-handled by an ecommerce program manager. They’ll help you develop effective work processes to run your ecommerce store simply and straightforwardly. They’ll facilitate projects like:

Website planning

Product information management (PIM)

Content production

Digital asset management (DAM)

Social media marketing, or fulfillment

Importance Of Ecommerce Project Manager

They’re especially crucial in the syndication process, as they ensure that product information is accurately and quickly shared with partners. 

An ecommerce program manager will prevent:

Projects from getting overly complicated

Vital tasks being missed

Profit loss

Stores from closing down

If you haven’t had an ecommerce program manager on your team, it’s time to hire one.