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A customer service representative is responsible for liaising with customers and handling a variety of requests from customer queries to processing order requests. They are also experts in providing information on any existing or upcoming services or products to customers. They are usually the first point of contact for any customer requiring assistance and utilize CRM databases to troubleshoot any issues for customers.


Customer service is closely linked to customer experience (CX) or customer experience management (CXM). While customer experience focuses on achieving above-level customer satisfaction across all key customer touch points, customer service focuses on achieving above-level customer satisfaction when addressing customer concerns.


The customer experience management market is projected to grow from $9.26 billion in 2020 to $21.86 billion in 2027(1) with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.0% for this period. This is largely driven by increased adoption of technological advancements(2) in artificial intelligence solutions, cloud technology and digitization. Not to mention the increased need to draw key business insights from customer data analysis that focus on fostering revenue growth.


A common challenge for businesses in any industry, including customer service, is sourcing quality staff. The same can be said for hiring quality customer service representatives. A solution; outsourcing.

Many customer service tasks can be completed online, which makes them well-suited to being performed in an offshore environment. As long as your business is offshore ready, outsourcing to the Philippines is simple and cost-effective.

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What are the benefits of outsourcing customer service representatives?

Because living costs are so low in developing countries, labor and occupancy costs are low too. We can employ and accommodate fully qualified, very experienced customer service representatives for your team in the Philippines for up to 70% less than you’d pay in your local employment market. That’s why it makes good business sense to outsource customer service.

  • Cost savings:

     by hiring offshore customer service representatives to support your local team with repetitive and time-consuming tasks for a fraction of the price, due to the lower living costs in the Philippines, you can save up to 70% when compared to hiring locally.

  • Increase in output efficiency and quality levels:

     sending routine customer service tasks to an offshore team in the Philippines means your onshore team will have more time to take on higher value, strategic work. Your business will notice a drastic increase in productivity levels across your department.

  • Business growth and scaling opportunities:

     when you send your time-consuming tasks to an offshore customer service representative in the Philippines, your local team will have more time to focus on increasing profits and business growth and development. The additional capacity that your onshore team gets as a result of your offshore team’s support means you can grow your business sustainably.

  • 24/7 support:

     by hiring these customer service representatives offshore, you can even tap into 24/7, round-the-clock support for your customers. These representatives who can efficiently solve customer queries and provide excellent customer service in the process can free up your onshore team’s time to generate more revenue and develop customer relationships.

What qualifications, skills and experience make a successful customer service representative?

Customer service representatives don’t tend to come from one background; their education may range from short courses to university degrees. If anything, people skills, the soft skills needed to interact empathetically with customers and remain calm under pressure are the most important attributes. The ability to multitask while answering phone calls and looking up relevant information is also crucial to solve customer problems as quickly and efficiently as possible. A more technical skill such as operating customer relationship management (CRM) databases is a bonus.

Customer service representatives can be categorized by years of working experience:

  • Junior: less than 2 years of customer service experience. Tasks completed could include liaising with clients through different channels such as social media platforms, email or phone and acknowledging and working to resolve customer complaints or issues.
  • Intermediate: 2-4 years of relevant customer service experience. Tasks completed could include using expert product knowledge to process orders and customer applications and maintaining records of customer interactions on a CRM database to keep track of product issues, complaints and past transactions.
  • Senior: 4+ years of customer service experience. Tasks completed could include training junior customer service representatives, providing month-end KPI reports or updates to senior management teams and identifying improvements to customer service processes.

Tools & Systems used by customer service agents

The following tools are commonly used by customer service agent:


Tips for employing customer service representatives

  • Your customer service representatives must know your business’s systems and software to provide the best level of service for your business and clients.
  • It’s key to communicate effectively and efficiently with your talent acquisition team in the Philippines, making sure to let them know the job requirements, skills and qualifications you require of your ideal customer service representatives(s). This will help the team to source the right candidates, streamline the recruitment process and ultimately, assist in finding the best fit candidates to meet your requirements.
  • You can recruit as many customer service representatives as required from project to project and can even hire senior customer service representatives in the Philippines to manage your offshore teams. If/when you grow your offshore team, having one team lead can ensure streamlined communication and project updates are effectively delivered to your onshore team.