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Welcome to Cyber World Staff, a subsidiary of Cyber World Solutions, OPC.

We specialize in providing Employer of Record (EoR) services to businesses worldwide. Our EoR services offer a seamless solution for companies seeking to engage long-term contractors, ensuring compliance, efficiency, and access to global talent.

EOR Partnerships

Partnered with Papaya Global, we facilitate seamless global placements, enabling clients to access talent from virtually any country.


Expert Support

Our experienced team handles payroll, benefits, and compliance, relieving clients of administrative burdens and ensuring smooth operations.

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Global Reach

With our EOR services and our partner's services we can provide Employer of Record in more than 120 countries/regions/territories.

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End-to-End Solutions

From initial consultations to ongoing support, we provide holistic EoR solutions, allowing clients to focus on their core business objectives.


Facing challenges with your current staffing solutions?

Unreliable Contractors

Difficulty finding dependable long-term staff.

High Costs

Managing international payroll and compliance is expensive.

Limited Talent Pool

Struggling to access skilled professionals.

Slow Recruitment

Lengthy hiring processes without guaranteed success.

Inconsistent Performance

Variable productivity from temporary hires.

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Experience the benefits of our EOR services today!

Reliable Staffing

Access vetted professionals who fit your culture.

Cost Savings

Save up to 30% on payroll and compliance management.

Global Talent

Tap into a pool of experts from over 50 countries.

Quick Hiring

Reduce hiring time by 50% with our expert support.

Consistent Quality

Enjoy 20% higher productivity from dedicated staff.

Why Cyber World Staff is the Best Choice for Your EOR Needs?

Guaranteed compliance

Rest easy knowing that your staff's employment adheres to all local labor laws and regulations.

Full employee benefits

Provide your employees with health insurance, retirement plans, and other benefits.

Dedicated support

We provide a dedicated account manager to cater to all your staffing needs.

Scalable solutions

Easily adjust your workforce size based on your business demands.

Transparent pricing

Say goodbye to hidden fees with our straightforward and upfront pricing model.

Efficient Payroll Management

Our streamlined payroll system simplifies the payroll process, making it more efficient and accurate for your business needs.

How it works

Describe your needs

Fill out our form or schedule a meeting to discuss your specific requirements, timelines, and budget.

Select your team

Receive a curated list of qualified professionals and conduct interviews.

Sign documentation

Complete all necessary legal and contractual documents.

Onboard your team

Set up network access and integrate your new staff into your operations.

Start collaborating

Enjoy seamless collaboration with your dedicated team.

Ready to transform how you manage payroll and payments?

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