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Our mission at Cyber World Staff is to become an extension of your staff. One World Staff is a DBA of Cyber World Solutions LLC, a Boston, Massachusetts based company and Veteran owned company. We are insured by The Hartford Insurance.

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What We Do


We provide personnel to help you as your own personal virtual assistant. A virtual assistant is not a software but an actual person assisting you with your business/task/projects. Assistants have different skills and level of experience. Contact us if you will like us to give you a hand, rate starts at $7.00 per hour.

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

With a dedicated assistant or team you will have a dedicated Project Manager and Customer Success Manager assign to your account. The Manager will schedule periodic meetings with you are your convince to discuss progress of the project, roadblocks, and to receive feedback from our services. These meetings are a One on One meeting between you (the Client) and our success Manager /PM. The assistant/or team will not be present. This is your time to be honest and help us improve our services.

Employer of Record (EOR)

We opened a subsidiary in Philippines with the name Cyber World Solutions, OPC. With this new effort we can provide services as an Employer of Record.

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Contract Specialist Questions

Remote assistants are skilled professionals, or fast learners professionals.  They can help you and your organization in many areas. Our assistants can work by the hour, part time or full time and you can cancel at any time. We bill you for the hours the assistant worked. We will give you access to a performance dashboard and/or send you weekly or monthly work performance report via email. 

We charge our client $1 dollar per hour that our chat agents are available, chat agents can also be available for multiple chats from other websites. This rate is for basic chat agent services best suited for e-commerce websites and not for IT support or troubleshooting technical issues. Chat agents are there to answer basic questions. You as the store owner will need to meet with the dedicated chat team to get familiarized with the products and services. They can also recommend solutions and upsell. There are different packages and chat agents can be available 24 hours or a few hours a day.

Remote Assistant rate starts at $7 per hour for basic tasks like customer service support, perform daily health checks on the site, reach out to suppliers if there are any issues, submit order with suppliers, report and fix problems or escalate them. While the Remote assistant is working, he or she can also be on standby as chat agent in case a customer has a question when visiting the site. Assistants with a specialized skill will be offered at different rates based on the level of experience. 

Background checks are an additional charge depending on the country (most likely Philippines) and if it will be a team or a single person. We use Chekr. For full time assistants we include the background check, for non-full-time assistants it is optional, and the cost will be included in the first bill.

Yes, although our rates and most of the assistants are from the Philippines, we can work with you with a custom quote for an assistant or team from another country. While for some countries the rate will be higher countries like Colombia the rate will stay the same. 

Assistants are independent contractors. They get paid by the hour and they don't receive benefits. If you are looking for support for a project or a task and you don't have a need for a long-term full-time employee, then this is the best option.  

Employer of Record Questions

An employer of record may assume responsibility for any of the following tasks:

  • Running payroll and paying employees
  • Filing and paying employment-related taxes
  • Administering benefits
  • Managing workers’ compensation claims
  • Managing unemployment claims
  • Supporting regulatory compliance

Transferring these responsibilities to an EOR does not mean an employer has no say in employee affairs – quite the contrary. Employers are still in charge of day-to-day operations, work assignments, and employee performance and development.

Employers of record are particularly helpful on the international stage. Employers may rely on the expertise of an EOR if they:

  • Expand domestic operations to a foreign location
  • Merge with or acquire another company across international borders
  • Employ people who are working remotely in other countries
  • Have a global workforce or conduct business in multiple countries
  • Need help managing payroll, benefits, workers’ compensation, etc.

Our overseas force is located in the Philippines. We have offices at the GT Tower in Makati (Metro Manila). Most of the employees are remote throughout the Philippines but we can also offer office space to employees within the Manila area if the client requires the employee to work from a private office. We are planning to offer employees from Colombia later this year. 

Of course!! We use Checkr to perform our background checks. for more information visit the Checkr website checkr.com or click on the link below.  Checkr – Employee Background Screening for Companies 

An employer of record is a third-party provider that is legally responsible for another organization’s employees. It can be located within the same country as the business it employs workers for or in another country with different employment laws.

The EOR handles employment administration, such as payroll and regulatory compliance, while the client business maintains managerial control of its employees and their work assignments. This arrangement allows employers to expand their operations without being overburdened by the administrative and risk management tasks that may arise when entering a new geographic region.

  • Expand into new markets
    Due to red tape, registering a business in another country may take considerable time. An EOR that is already registered in the destination country can hire and onboard employees on the client’s behalf so work can begin faster than if the client attempted to register independently.
  • Minimize risks
    Employers of record often have in-depth knowledge of local regulations, so their clients don’t have to understand the full scope of the laws themselves. And if a compliance violation occurs, the EOR is generally liable, not the client.
  • Alleviate administrative burdens
    The administrative duties associated with having employees, such as processing payroll and filing taxes, require resources that could be better served elsewhere. By handing these tasks off to an EOR, employers can spend time on more impactful initiatives, like client relations, product enhancements, growth strategies, etc.
  • Cut expenses
    Eliminating red tape, reducing compliance risk and outsourcing labor-intensive tasks may ultimately lead to financial savings. In many cases, the expense of an EOR is less than the cost of setting up an entity in a foreign country and independently managing onboarding, workplace compliance, payroll and taxes.

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