About Us


Cyber World Staff is a DBA of Cyber World Solutions

Cyber World Staff is a DBA (Doing Business As) Cyber World Solutions, a subsidiary located in Makati (Metro Manila) Philippines. The parent company is Cyber World Solutions, LLC located in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Cyber World Staff offers Remote assistant services operations and management, and we also offer Employer of Record services.


How we started and evolved.

 In 2019 the company was formed with the name of Eagle Media LLC; at that time the owner created a company in order to manage a couple of e-commerce websites. With time the mission and focus changed, therefore changing the name of the company to Cyber World Solutions LLC. The company is transforming into a holding company taking the role of parent company of new subsidiaries in Puerto Rico and in the Philippines. In the near future we will open an office in Dubai, UAE. Our main office is located in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. 

Our subsidiaries focus Remote Assistant services, e-commerce management, Marketing, BPO/Help Desk/Call Center, and Managed Security Services Provider, IT and Cyber Security products reseller.

We also have our own marketplace if you need a solution for your business that is not offered by our subsidiaries, please take a look at our products offered by our partners in our Marketplace.


Our Mission

Our mission at Cyber World Solutions is to assist you and your organization by providing remote talented staff and serve as Employer of Record at a low price.